Master Bakers

At Granier, we’re known for how we bake bread – through respect for traditional processes and long fermentation times.


Like all good bakers, Granier has a way of making bread which respects traditional processes and long fermentation times. The secret to the quality of our bread lies in the selection of raw materials and the fermentation of the dough, respecting the times needed for the bread to gain the right texture, taste and aroma and to ensure that it keeps well after baking.

Respect for traditional bread-making is of utmost importance in our central kitchen. That’s where the unique artisan recipes with the best ingredients begin and where our bakers make the mixture and knead the dough that characterizes each type of bread.

Once the dough has been worked, it is deep-frozen raw to keep its the properties of its flavor and aroma intact and so it can be delivered to bakeries, where the bakers ferment the different types of dough for 12 hours and bake it in refractory ovens that provide even heat. Our process is totally unlike that used for pre-baked frozen bread.

Nor do we limit ourselves to simply baking frozen loaves at the point of sale like some places do.

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The traditional work of a baker is given a prominent role at each Granier establishment. Bakers, those artisans in the trade of making bread, start work early and allow us to enjoy fresh-made bread every day.

At Granier we know that what good bread needs most is time. Long fermentation makes it possible to develop the aroma, taste and texture that characterize the best hand-crafted bread. That’s why all our bread is fermented for more than 12 hours.

Plus, the different ways of baking the varieties means that Granier customers are guaranteed to always find fresh-made bread at our outlets, whether it’s morning or afternoon.

Our bakeries also feature a wide range of natural baked goods and sweet and savory pastries also made under the supervision and good judgment of our master bakers.


Our bakeries are functional and comfortable spaces which are open and uncluttered and award prominence to the shelves on which our freshly baked products are displayed. They are traditional establishments with long counters and a characteristic black color on some of the walls as the hallmark of the firm.

We also have exclusive wooden bread baskets for a warm and friendly look, where customers can easily locate the bread they want, as the varieties are organized according to different ranges.

We want our customers to feel wrapped in a world of sensations when they enter one of our stores, without excessive decoration or distractions to detract from the display of the magnificent bread and pastries in an enormous variety of sizes, colors and flavors.

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One of Granier’s core priorities is to ensure the quality of its products and their preparation processes, both at the central kitchen and at each establishment.

All Granier products are subject to strict quality controls and firmly respect all the hygiene and sanitary measures required by law. This commitment is extended not just to the parent company but across all the bakeries in our group, ensuring that our consumers receive an unparalleled product.

Our quality policies and objectives are increasingly rigorous, and no resources are spared in the ongoing improvement of our production processes. Given the importance of people, we are also committed to training and good practices amongst all the people who work with us. For Granier, quality is a management philosophy and an essential duty.